hell on earth, heaven on earth

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"I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway."

- Salinger (via nevver)

(via nevver)


Lisa Congdon

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From Greens
Jonathan May

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♔Indie & Vintage This Way♔
Do you remember that day you fell out of my window?”“
I sure do, you came jumping out after me.”“
Well, you fell on the concrete and nearly broke your ass and you were bleeding all over the place and I rushed you off to the hospital. Do you remember that?”
Yes, I do.”
“Well, there's something I never told you about that night.”“
What didn't you tell me?”
“While you were sitting in the backseat smoking a cigarette you thought was going to be your last, I was falling deep, deeply in love with youand I never told you 'til just now.”